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Palmolive Passionfruit & Mandarin Dish Liquid, 591mL

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Introducing Palmolive Essential Clean Liquid Dish Soap – the ultimate solution for tackling tough grease while providing a gentle touch on your hands. Engineered to cut through grease effectively, this dish soap ensures that even your toughest dishes, pots, and pans are left sparkling clean. The Traditional Palmolive fragrance adds a classic and pleasant aroma to your kitchen, enhancing the overall dishwashing experience with a touch of familiarity and freshness.

Key Features:

Tough on Grease, Gentle on Hands: Palmolive Essential Clean Liquid Dish Soap is specifically formulated to be tough on grease, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning performance. At the same time, it maintains a gentle touch on your hands, preventing dryness and irritation, even after extended use.

Sparkling Clean Results: Experience the satisfaction of effortlessly removing grease and grime from your dishes, pots, and pans. Our dish soap delivers sparkling clean results, leaving your kitchenware looking pristine and ready for reuse.


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